55% more leads, 32% cheaper

Flex is a FinTech that empowers startups & SMBs to manage payments & access on-demand working capital. Flex by Finaxar is backed by investors like Monk's Hill Ventures, 500 Startups and Cathay Ventures.

Problem Statement

Flex is one of the few clients that we had the honour to work on from the group up. With $0 invested in Paid Media, we’re thrilled to have been selected as the media partner to help scale Flex to new heights. KPI media was able to consistently grow the business by utilizing search engine marketing & social media advertising. Being a Google & Facebook partner we were able to gain access to a ton of new beta features and priority support.

Campaign Performance Results

KPI Media consistently surpassed Flex’s target cost per lead (CPL) for 4 months in a row. This was achieved despite rising costs from competition and large incremental spends.


"KPI Media has broad experience in working with clients from diverse industries. Delivering results is of utmost importance with every engagement, and they have always exceeded our expectations." Czaraim, Head of Client Relations of Verra Asia (Liaison to Flex)

Campaign Details

Research & Planning

Being a software company with tons of competitors in the region we had to identify key personas to hyper-target instead of going broad and praying for success. Through extensive primary and secondary research, we managed to narrow down on specific industries to focus on and we doubled down on that.

Once this initial planning was complete, we were ready for full-fledged campaign planning and started to look into the channels to run ads with.

Channels & Ad Formats Selected:

Google - Responsive Search Ads

LinkedIn - Sponsored Content

Facebook - Dynamic Ads

Marketing Automation

*figures above have been altered to protect clients data

We were fortunate as Flex had a strong foundation for digital marketing, which meant we could easily integrate our MarTech into their overall stack.

One thing that was missing was our need for an automated reporting solution - as we needed to be very agile and make decisions like budget shifts very quickly.

MarTech Selected:

Reporting Automation - We built a real-time dashboard that includes all marketing KPIs and updates hourly. This was built using Supermetrics.

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