183% more leads, 52% cheaper

A sales call automation tool that improves conversion rates by simplifying business conversations for sales teams, agencies, and B2B businesses. They are a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company with five primary solutions: NovoChat, TimeSync, Inbound Calling, Call Tracking and Outbound Calling.

Problem Statement

Prior to engaging with KPI Media in 2020, Novocall was heavily reliant on salespeople to convert. Their primary method of lead generation was through Scheduling Demos and inbound lead acquisition. This started out as the initial KPI. However in 2021, as the company adopted a self-serve model, the KPIs evolved to look at metrics like purchases, Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV).

Campaign Performance Results

KPI Media surpassed Novocall's targets and delivered 183% more leads than planned and at 52% lower cost per sales qualified lead (SQL).


"Working with KPI Media has been amazing! Conversions used to come at high costs previously. After engaging KPI Media, our CPA dropped tremendously and our MQLs and SQLs increased as well. Apart from performance, they're very knowledgeable & comms are great."

Campaign Details

Research & Planning

Being a software company, with a global potential reach, our first challenge was to identify the most scalable and cost efficient countries to target.

Therefore, our team performed an in-depth market research to detect which geographies had a need for Novocall's solutions and we layered that data with the country-level statistics of the highest SaaS adoption in the world. We additionally had to work around constraints such as Novocall's ability to service those markets.

Once this initial planning was complete, we were ready for full fledged campaign planning and started to look into the channels to run ads with.

Channels & Ad Formats Selected:

Google - Responsive Search Ads

Facebook - Conversion Campaigns with Dynamic Ads

Facebook - Lead Gen Campaigns with Marketing Automation

LinkedIn - Conversation Ads

LinkedIn - Lead Gen Ads

Marketing Automation

We were fortunate as Novocall has a strong automation process built, which meant we could easily integrate our MarTech into their overall stack.

Since B2B buyers have very long buying cycles, it is crucial for vendors to get in touch with prospects as quickly as possible - while they are still 'warm'.

We also needed to be very agile and make decisions like budget shifts very quickly. So our two areas of focus were lead gen automation & reporting automation.

MarTech Selected:

Lead Gen Automation - We integrated Facebook & LinkedIn lead forms with their CRM using Zapier

Reporting Automation - We built a real-time dashboard that includes all marketing KPIs and updates hourly. This was built using Supermetrics

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