>3.9X ROAS for less than $50 CAC

OFFEO is a design-driven online video maker that enables marketers to create attention-grabbing short videos easily. The platform is both a graphic & video creation platform that comes with thousands of templates with full creative control to customize animated videos to suit any marketing campaign. What’s best is that even non-creative marketers can create scroll-stopping video ads within minutes.

Problem Statement

Originally they were utilizing paid social to target relevant audiences. However, this became unsustainable and they were on the lookout for alternative distribution channels to further spread the word about the product. KPI media was able to help further scale the business by utilizing search engine marketing. being a google search partner we’re able to gain more reach towards a wider global market with the help of Google, Bing, and YouTube.

Campaign Performance Results

KPI Media surpassed OFFEO’s target ROAS of 250% and managed to sustain this for 6 consecutive months. This was done at a CAC of <$40.


"Working with KPI Media is one of the best decisions we made to scale up our marketing. Yashwin and his team are very professional and proactive. They give solid recommendations and execute at the highest level." David, Co-Founder & Business Director of OFFEO

Campaign Details

Research & Planning

Being a software company, with a global potential reach, our first challenge was to identify the most scalable and cost-efficient countries to target.

Therefore, our team performed in-depth market research to detect which geographies had a need for OFFEO's solutions and we layered that data with the country-level statistics of the highest percentage of freelance and gig workers in the world.

Once this initial planning was complete, we were ready for full-fledged campaign planning and started to look into the channels to run ads with.

Channels & Ad Formats Selected:

Google - Responsive Search Ads

YouTube - TrueView for Action

Bing - Responsive Search Ads

Discovery - Responsive Discovery Ads

Marketing Automation

We were fortunate as OFFEO had a strong foundation for digital marketing, which meant we could easily integrate our MarTech into their overall stack.

One thing that was missing was our need for an automated reporting solution - as we needed to be very agile and make decisions like budget shifts very quickly.

MarTech Selected:

Reporting Automation - We built a real-time dashboard that includes all marketing KPIs and updates hourly. This was built using Supermetrics

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