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Know where your every advertising dollar gets spent, with our automated dashboard. It reconciles marketing activity across channels.


Hiring us would cost you 50-70% less than hiring paid media experts in-house. Our retainers are structured to grow with you.


We're ready to put our money where our mouth is. If we don't hit your KPIs, we'll refund 50% of your retainer, no questions asked.

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Client Testimonials

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Novocall, Founder & CEO

Working with KPI Media has been amazing! Conversions used to come at high costs previously. After engaging KPI Media, our CPA dropped tremendously and our MQLs and SQLs increased as well. Apart from performance, they're very knowledgeable & comms is great.

Noah, Co-Founder

Our Search ads are crushing it and these guys are amazing. Our customer acquisition cost is lower than ever before and we're ready to raise more money to scale Noah into the SEA market. KPI Media has been the perfect media partner to help us achieve our performance goals.

The Learning Lab, Digital Lead

KPI media is easily one of the best performance marketing agencies I’ve personally worked with. They are fast thinkers, agile movers & approach analytics through the lens of business needs - which makes them unafraid to speak up to clients to ensure performance is always met.

Our Bralette Club, The Everthing Person

Working with KPI Media has been wonderful. The team is extremely responsive and even if you have no prior ad knowledge, they build easy to understand dashboards that help with performance tracking 24/7.

Verra Asia, Head of Client Relations

KPI Media has broad experience in working with clients from diverse industries. Delivering results is of utmost importance with every engagement, and they have always exceeded our expectations.

Offeo, Co-Founder & Business Director

Working with KPI Media is one of the best decisions we made to scale up our marketing. Yashwin and his team are very professional and proactive. They give solid recommendations and execute at the highest level.

Asked Questions

Will I be locked down in a contract?

Not at all. We engage in partnerships with our clients and would hate for you to feel like you're trapped in a contract. For completely new businesses, there is a one-time set-up fee of $1,000 to cover the extra man-hours that will go into ad account creation, architecture tagging and setup. However, if show us that you're ready and are willing to commit to this partnership, we will happily waive the set-up fees.

What verticals do you specialize in?

We work with startups across many different industries. We're very experienced in building up businesses from the ground up through proper digital advertising. Some very well established brands even approach us to help them launch new products and solutions to the market. However, since we believe so much in each of our clients, we will automatically reject any new business opportunities from competitors of our existing clients.

Why do you charge higher than some other agencies?

Most agencies work like factories and try to churn out the work as fast as possible. This usually means your ad campaigns will follow a very basic cookie-cutter template. Here we take pride in all our client accounts, and we employ globally renowned strategies that have worked for the worlds top brands. You're paying a premium for this experience. We also guarantee performance which many other agencies are afraid to. Last but definitely not least, we use many technologies to help us propel your campaigns to the next level. These technologies include bid optimisation tools, automation tools and data management platforms. We incur a cost for using these premium tools that most other agencies don't use.

How many headcounts will be servicing my account?

All clients will have a dedicated account manager and at least one digital specialist working on their account regardless of the retainer amount.

How do I decide on a KPI

We'll do that together! Whenever we have a new client brief, we'll work very closely with our client to understand the problem that they intend to solve and identify the goals that they'd like to hit. We're extremely transparent in what we can and cannot deliver, so if we cannot agree on a KPI we may choose to reject working with a client.

Can you guarantee performance?

Yes, we can. Many other agencies are afraid to put their money where their mouth is and guarantee performance. Here at KPI Media, we're so confident that our strategies will work for you and are offering all our clients a 50% refund on our management fee if we don't hit the agreed KPIs - no questions asked. That's the KPI Media Guarantee.

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